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1) the vile smelly mixture of water, yeast, cum, and whatever else that has been inserted in or living in the vagina that comes out after squirting water in a dirty, usually old, vagina or "duesching." The water is inserted from a bag and subsequently collected in the baag.

2) A guy who thinks he is cool but in reality is the equivalent of a bag of duesch.

3) George Bush
Johnny is such a duesch bag.
by irishprick October 15, 2005
Things Girls Put In Their Cunts To Prevent Farting
Fucking Bitch Didn't Remove her Dueshbag Before I Fucked her
by Brent March 31, 2005
A bag in which certain individuals keep their feces when they are not able to use the restroom.
Hold on, I think my duesch bag is full.
by Giggles November 11, 2003