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disgusting whore. wears a mushroom cut. Eats the weirdest shit EVER (yogurt on toast?) Harasses children. Does things with boys called Lucas.
Alexa: Ewww, who was eating that yogurt on toast? And wheres Lucas?
Noah: Mme Dudlets was eating the toast, and Lucas is with her.
by alexa.ellen February 02, 2009
a little turd often followed by a big turd.
nicole: oh man that little dudlet came out like a rocket!

Kiley: oh...
by nicley March 27, 2010
a faggot. kill anyone who has this word anywhere in teir name. awful person. dies alone. mushroom cut. someone you cant help butto just get mad and throw them off a bridge. stuffs their bra/pants with pickes.

if he claims hes a guy, hes a girl.
and vise versa.

if possible eat them.
(jim gets mad at paul)
jim : your such a dudlets
paul : take it back!
by loverr.123 February 02, 2009
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