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1. (adj.) generally very good at life, but not in an annoying way. other words used to describe one who is dudgy may include sick, chill, awesome, fly, and, in certain less enlightened circles, pimp. the word can also imply grubbiness, or, to an extent, ghetto-ness, while avoiding crossing over into the more negatively connotated hood status.

2. (adj.) carrying street cred; of or like a soldier.
1. george: should we ask the new kid if he wants to play ball with us later?
fred: yeah, that dude's dudgy, i would enjoy spending time with him.

2. lindsay: david asked me out, should i go on a date with him?
kelley: oooh, yeah, aw he's really dudgy, you two would make a good couple.
by juuuiicee January 03, 2008
spell it wit me f-l-y. dudgy means clean as hell ma
when you got it you got it, an that dude got it. he's straight dudgy
by c note August 27, 2008
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