a female;opposite of dude
That dudette is so hot.
by Kristin December 11, 2003
Main Entry: dudette
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: the female version of a dude, a cool girl
Usage: slang
look at that dudette
by tash March 27, 2005
Well, just like you would call a boy a dude, you would call a girl a dudette.
See ya later, dudettes!!!
by Stephanie September 12, 2003
female version of dude
Dudes and Dudettes,
We have gathered here...
by Aliazx May 18, 2006
The female embodiment of all that is dude like. To intrinsically understand all that is dude like.
Like DUUUUUUDE, wanna go out later and like knock back some cold ones with me? I'm like, your dudette.
by DUDE ET April 16, 2005
1. A female dude
2. A nickname for chicks hanging out with dudes.
Wassup, all you dudes and dudetts

Do you see those dudetts with that dude.
by knw257 August 29, 2004
The female counterpart of "dude" However, people do use the word dude, but no one uses the word "dudette" unless in assosciation with dude.
Hey dudes and dudettes!
by 8-Bit Mario March 10, 2005

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