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n. (Your Dudness or His Dudeness or Her Dudeness) title used to establish one's ultimate position in the "dude" hierarchy, "Dudeness" being the ultimate ruler of all or at least most other dudes.
"Dudeness over there is sendin' you the googly eyes."
"He's sendin' the googlies?"
by manlymanlyman July 25, 2005
80 7
1. The most impressive or favorite person in a group.
2. The coolest person in a person's opinion.
by englishperson1 September 20, 2010
12 2
when sum1 is real dudey and cool
you r so full of dudeness
by F off November 17, 2003
17 27
Male Homosexual Interaction
There's Dudeness over there in the corner.
by Brett Giordano September 19, 2006
8 40
Someone who gets sick from drinking Red Bull then blames everyone because he couldn't stomach it.
by anonymous June 30, 2003
4 38
A retard with no Girl,No life, and We'll all together no term of common decency.
Man don't be a dudeness.
by Willard October 01, 2003
4 54