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The condition brought about by excessive heat and humidity, where the scrotal sack sticks to the inner thighs and upon spreading one's legs, the skin stretches, like the webbed foot of a duck... (Similar to batwing)

Females can also suffer from this condition, depending on the amount of dangling labial flesh they have. In this case, the condition is referred to as 'platypus foot'
"It is so hot and humid out today, I have got the worst case of duckfoot."
by DuckWrangler June 21, 2008
5 3
Prison name for a life sentence or sometimes a nickname for someone serving a life sentence.
Bubba: Who's that new-cock on "D" block?
Clyde: They be callin' him Duckfoot. I guess he's doin' a life sentence.
by Bangy January 06, 2011
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