A condition of the butt that makes it so when you fart it sounds like a duck quacking.
Hey man, I don't want to hear a duck sound so get your duck butt out of here!
by George Johnson April 02, 2007
Top Definition
Hairstyle found among emo/hXc kids where the back of the hair is spiked up, and the top and bangs are left down.
Look at that group of emo kids, they all have duck butts.
by christianXcore March 12, 2005
Nickname given to the Grumman HU-16 Albatross, an amphibious aircraft used for transportation and antisubmarine duties from the late 1940s to the ealry 1970s. Now used by resorts in the Carribeian and the South Pacific as short range island-hopping airliners.
by JonathanChance September 29, 2003
A depiction of tetrahedral geometry, especially in the discussion of chiral centers
Bromochlorofluoromethane can take on both R and S configurations, depending upon whether the Bromine, Chlorine, and Flourine increase in atomic number clockwise or counterclockwise around the central carbon; the Hydrogen is at the duckbutt.
by TBS_Amelia February 21, 2008
Nickname given to Sasuke Uchiha of the manga/anime Naruto based on the shape of his hair.
Ugh, ANOTHER fanart of Duckbutt?

Are you going as Duckbutt this Con?
by Asdfghjkl;;;;;; November 07, 2010
When you stick your hand in a butthole, all the way to the wrist, and you make the hand the shape of a duck's bill and quack.
CRC-3 told Shania they would Duckbutt her. When she didn't believe them, she found out the hard way. They were quacking all night.
by Nuvabey January 18, 2015
Rescue Aircraft sent ahead of single-engine jet fighters being delivered over ocean regions. The "Duckbutt" orbits along critical route segments, such as those for air refueling, and aids in rescuing flight crews, should a fighter need to ditch.

Movements of single engine fighters take place during repositioning to military exercise locations overseas, or the delivery of these planes from their overseas bases to repair depots. Bases on the Islands of Hawaii, Guam, and Okinawa are staffed with USAF Aircraft Delivery personnel. It is their job to coordinate with each agency which will service, repair, control, or Air Refuel the aircraft, making sure all of these operations run smoothly. One aspect of these efforts entails launching a "Duckbutt" aircraft (Usually an HC-130 "Hercules" four-engine turboprop) to provide rescue services for the crews if they ditch the plane.
by David L. Baker March 05, 2008
A condition where your ass only makes quacking noises when you fart.
QUACCCK! Oops, sorry. I got a bad case of the duckbutt.
by Cabe May 17, 2005
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