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Spongy white bread fit only to be fed to ducks. Hence, by extension, white bread: boring, dull, uncool, in a particularly white, uptight way.
"See the way that guy dances? He's so duck bread."
by MrLanguagePerson December 26, 2006
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Duckbread is a word to describe one's experience of the Hangover of Death. The mother of all hangovers. Death burger to go thanks Hangover.

It defines the feeling of not being able to intake anything without regurgitating it up again but of a slight shade of green. But Duckbread is safe and with a little fluid of the non alcohol variety will stay and settle ones insides, sometimes.

A Duckbread Hangover is like a 7 Star Hangover! You want to crawl up into a ball and hibernate!
Friend 1: "Shit you were flogged last night, so funny, how you feeling"

Friend 2: "Ahh mate, its Duckbread, nothing stays down"

Friend 1: "Nooo waay, i'm not surprised after those 8 jager bombs in a row!"
by DuckbreadQueen November 30, 2010
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