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vb. to fuck

In the world of predictive texting, the word fuck is replaced, often unnoticed by the sender, to duck. Known to be common on Blackberries and iPhones.

will you duck me tonight?
by MadHat Unspecific September 05, 2008
5 10
An animal that goes QUACK!
1: So mr Duck how are you today?
2. Quack?

1: What is an animal that goes quack?

by Kate-Monster August 31, 2007
9 8
Someone who is dumb an don't know what they are talking about.Or someone who says something that makes no sense very can even be someone who is smart but say something with out thinking about what they're asking."duck"is used to call someone dumb or to nicely let someone know they said something stupid
Michael:what's 9 multiplied by 7
Kenya:Bruh you a duck
Micheal:wait what did I ask

Kenya:what's 9 multiplied by 7
Micheal:oh that's 63 now I feel stupid *laughs*
by Thatgirlwhospeaksthetruth February 20, 2014
0 0
Ollie the duck.
by thecooldudehen February 12, 2014
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Autocorrects substitute for "fuck"
Dude1: lol i just got a girlfreind and your still in the friendzone lol

Dude2: duck you


by SkyTheDwarf November 27, 2013
0 0
Female that gets passed around through the whole crew; Usually has no standards, morals, and in general is a hoe. Ducklings are usually young, not to be confused with their older and experienced DUCK counter-parts. A duck/duckling is a girl that will get YOU drunk and give it up on the first night.
"Ayyy that girl is a straight duck!"

Want to go duck hunting tonight?!
by Gvegas Nights February 28, 2012
0 0
A person that acts like a idiot.
Major: I got a 50 on the easiest test of the year
Jason: Your a duck
Major: Quack
by Apartment2707 April 08, 2011
4 4
To cum between a woman's toes. The cum sticks to the toes, creating a resemblance to the webbed toes of a duck when spread.
Yo, I ducked this girl I hooked up with last night!

Instead of doing the Superman to that bitch, I gave her a duck job!
by MrFootie March 23, 2011
5 5