Top Definition
Duck rape means anal violation of a duck.

Often very noisy.
Donald Duck hid in the corner of his duck pen, fearing what was to come next.

Ned said, "Time for some duck rape!"

He scooped Donald up and lowered him onto his swollen tadger.

The pained quacking was terrible.
by scodder May 29, 2010
something sounding unbearable, that is in fact worse than anticipated when viewing.
"Dude that Paris Hilton album premiere party was duckrape."
by joedonnn January 16, 2010
to be raped, or forced to have sex with someone with webbed feet/toes
Nora threatened to duck rape be... id be ok with it except those feet creep me out

Daleview pool sucks, they probably get duck raped in every swim meet
by The sloe one January 11, 2010
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