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Music that sounds like a blender on a slow cycle....usually little boys with skinny jeans and bright sneakers listen to it thinking its "proper bass"
Not to be confused with the real Drum n Bass/Jungle which is the original "proper sound"
dubshit is mostly admired by those between the ages of 14-21 with no taste or history of DnB/Jungle/Hardcore

Also those in the dubshit circle are known to be furious masterbaters which results in being unable to ejaculate therefore dubshit must be played as a constant reminder
Stickboy: Yo Big G! You hitting up that dubstep party after this?
Big G: Dont you mean dubshit skinny? I think you need to get your shit together and go listen to some quality DnB
by Big Nigger Mr Sir Nigger Sir September 01, 2010
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