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Dubee- AKA sugawolf pimpin' a crest creepin,punk rock slappin, cutthroat cuddy, find him at the clubhouse on some thizz with dre,blowin a ton, gettin a flight to boston.
flight to boston--getting boss head.
by 91siccness March 02, 2005
a blunt that has been smoked till just before the roach. you can save it for later..
a fool, lets smoke the rest of that dubee
by brando fo sho August 09, 2007
the stay on the block rock the rock spot thizzen wit the cuddies off 3 stunna pills talkin bout yo mama
that nigga Dubee stay thizzed out and siggen on yo mama
by mac vell March 01, 2008
A word referring to a girl who is "do-able", meaning you would fuck her but not much else, basically toot it and boot it.
Kurt: What you think of that girl?
Pat: She was ok, but She was def a Dubee.
by dozerd1ck November 22, 2010
The greatest guy in the world. Namely known for his skills on guitar, and his shiny shampoo commercial hair... he is one in a million.
Emma: You are okay.
Dubee: I am better than okay, I am King of the World!
by EmmaUber February 15, 2006
a dub (bag) of dope
by Lakeisha June 02, 2003
this is what lena is
gday dubee, how's it going
by SirBob September 29, 2004