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Shiny plastic wheel cover/ hubcap sold at k-mart, pep boys etc. Put on cars to attempt to show your car isnt as big of a peice of sh*t as it seems.
He slapped some wicked dubcaps on his 87 Civic, and by wicked i mean really really gay.
by Getz December 23, 2003
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Alternative Definition to Dub Covers
Damn dogg you see those spankin'new shfiffteen inch twank twanky Dub Covers at Wally world?
by Zachry Diehl March 04, 2005
cheap ass shiny rims bought from wal-mart or any other retail store
Z-Ro: Look at those 16 inch dub caps Dog
trae: yup wal-mart special bitch
by R.Bush February 27, 2008

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