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a) A place of no growth, vision or future, that holds back class, happiness and excitement... often filled with bogans and other forms of trash.
b) A person with little to no intelligence, who lives in a place defined by a). Possibly to stupid and fucked in the head to leave the place.
a) I need to get out of here, It is starting to feel like Dubbo.
b) "shit you are such a Dubbo get away from me"
by Phil Wade January 10, 2006
Is a really good place fun to be there nice people. Big Far from a whole and lots to do there
man this is a good town hey its like dubbo!
that towns almost as good as that dubbo ay bra
by xavier duffy-minney September 20, 2005
An unimaginative idiot, fool and all round stupid, boring person. Usually a resident of Dubbo in NSW, Australia. All former residents are not dubbos unless they confess to their former, shameful residential location. The postcode of Dubbo is 2830.
There are plenty of dubbos in this world.
Man you're a 2830 aren't you?

by crankeepants February 01, 2007
1. A small country town in regional NSW.
2. The act of pulling down the pants of a large, fat man, the climax of which is yelling, "you got DUBBOED!"
3. Any one of two short, hot like arson girls who have a habit of attacting young looking males.
"You got dubboed, fat man!"
by bella birdman August 23, 2006
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