A female, even lower down the class line than a Chavette. Dubbers don't work as they are single parents. They usually live in smaller towns i.e. Chorley. They are usually a few years behind with fashion as they buy clothes from the local market's end of last summer season, but one, sale. Usually have love handles & belly popping out from under their clothing as they haven't been able to buy any new clothes that fit since giving birth. They have greasy, lank un-colour treated hair and greasy bad skin. They wear less gold than a chav but do sometimes have the odd sovereign ring.
I bet that dubber got her pale purple coloured trousers at Chorley Market's end of summer season sale.
by scrunions r us November 25, 2007
Top Definition
a volkswagen enthusiast(that also owns a VW)
dubbers over ricers
dubbers for life
by V-Dul3 November 27, 2006
An individual who kicks ass and is majorly into Volkswagens or German enginereed vehicles. Don't consider yourself a dubber as your driving a wagon. We drive to win,not to soccer games.
"Did you see that hot dubber in the black Jetta? daayyuumm!"
by Dr.Seuss April 22, 2008
people who enjoy audio thunder(aka dubstep)
people who listen to datsik and vaski must be dubbers
by iloveyouforeal July 09, 2010
Most commonly known as the people who dub over anime with English voices. They also screw over the names of characters and their lines, not to mention change crucial details of the storylines. Though they are kind enough to bring versions of anime we non-Japanese can understand, they simply suck. I say, 'Give me subs, or give me death!' *assassinated*
The dubbers changed yet another name to crap. Let's move to Japan.
by Lyzz April 10, 2004
Also known as "what the f**k".
Reginald: Hey man, I ate fifty turtles while they were alive last night.
Leonard: Dubbers, man?
by Inder-House June 25, 2010
Evil dictators, hell bent on taking great anime and completly stuffing it up.

Oooh Look! It's animated! Must be for little children! Wait, what's this? Oh my hat, someone is bleeding! We shall just have to colour it like this *gets blue magic maker* and TADA! We have tears!!! *claps for mediocre job*

I am not saying all dubbed anime is terrible, just a fair bit of it is, which is such a shame *tear*
Dubber #1: Ooh Look, a japanese kanji symbol
Dubber #2: Ooooh Evil *covers eyes*
Dubber #3: Let us use MS Paint and erase the kanji from this cell of animation, but we'll leave it in the next! Does that sound nice children?
Children with pigtails playing with dolls dressed in pink: WTF?

by Mercedenze February 25, 2007
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