an acronym for drunk beyond any recognition.
1 - "man I was so dubar last night"
2 - "for real dude, I don't remember anything from Tina and Tiffany's Blackout
1 - "best part ever dude"
by uh-bar December 12, 2010
Top Definition
someone extremely stupid, who has no sense of anything, he or she will live there life oblivious to everything around them. also known as a jasmin barry
' your so fucking dubar, why would you super glue your hands together?'
by egent baracuda August 06, 2009
(def.) dabbled upon beyond all recognition.

1.) when you have dabbled upon beyond all recognition due to several dabble sessions (see dabble session).

2.) when a dabble session has commenced and all dabblizations are in alignment and one has been merked beyond recognition.

3.) commonly exemplified by terry schiavo's seat cushion
Dr. Gross: "I was so dubar that I shit myself."

Schiavo: " ..... "
by dubar praha May 16, 2010
a word made up to mean anything bad about someone.
you fucking dubar why did you have sex with your sister????
by zach March 05, 2005
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