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Damn Sexy Lips
Dick Sucking Lips
A damn fast internet connection
The guys really like my DSL.
by BlasianSensation October 23, 2004
28 38
1. high speed connection to the internet
2. an abreviatin to indentify a woman who has very nice lips. (full, soft, pouty)
3. dik suckin'lips
That girl has some serios dsl
by tweek December 19, 1999
29 39
standing for dirty sexy love.

when a brother and sister are overly flirty with each other in public.
girl 1: that girl is flirting with that guy a ton.

girl 2: thats her brother.
girl 1: oh they probibily go home and make DSL everynight then.
by bubbaaalss February 10, 2010
0 12
Dick sucking lips but may be meant as Don´t slay in online game as CSS when team mate shoots another member of team, who can punish a shooter by this.
mike playing counter strike killed a team mate and is asking him for not slaying down by typing: DSL
by tora85 January 09, 2008
3 16
dick sucking lips
some one with big lips
HAHAHA that guy has some DSL
by Josh February 11, 2005
13 27
Wrong route to go if you want highspeed internet. Slower and less reliable then cable. The modem just randomly falls asleep and kicking it is the only way to wake it up. Its a real annoyance when your looking up porn and almost finish, then the darn thing stops working.
I wish dsl had dsl's so it would be good for something.
by jerryblank May 16, 2005
15 33
dsl means dick sucking lips. usualy refers to a female. a female with dsl usualy can suck dick really well and is used to it
dam that girl has dsl!
by monique March 24, 2005
12 30