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abbreviation for down south georgia boyz
pastor troy-"dsgb...dsgb"
by jessica January 27, 2004
Stands for Down South Georgia Boys. A rap group which includes Lil Pete the Disciple, Blackout (aka Black 2K),
Pinhead the Hellraiser and of course Pastor Troy. Their most popular hit, D.S.G.B. is pure FIYA!
Juice: YO, Julz! You heard that knew D.S.G.B. song?
Julz: Man, what the heck is D.S.G.B.?
Juice: Down South Georgia Boys, you busta!
Julz: Oh yeah, that's P. Troys group! Let's go blast that sh*t homie!
by The Juicer June 01, 2006
Down South Georgia Boys
Down South Georgia Bloods
1: "aiyo where you from" "Im a dsgb"
2: "what set you bang?" "dat eastside piru blood from ga so u know ima dsgb"
by cKrabKilla July 01, 2009
Dick Slanging Georgia Boy when speaking to females.
Girl: What does that tattoo of DSGB mean on your arm?
Boy: Depends on who's asking. But since it's means I'm a Dick Slanging Georgia Boy. Wanna find out?
by KD DA GREAT November 01, 2011
dirty south georgia boyz 4 sho
we dem dirty south jawga boys fo sho nigga.
by Derrty Mouf August 12, 2004
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