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To indirectly tell secrets or offenses to a person of authority or any person meant to be kept away from a secret or offense, sometimes inadvertently.
If the telling of secrets or offenses is purposeful, minute details are usually left out as not to appear to be directly telling.

It is indirectly snitching.

"I see this offensive picture is still up. I recall other member's being banned for posting such a thing."
"I see this offensive picture is still up. I recall other member's being banned for posting such a thing."

This person is dry snitching on the person that posted the offensive picture. The person is not directly named (a minute detail) and a direct action is not actually being suggested.

"Stop dry snitching. You are going to get him banned"
by Busyman October 03, 2005
Intentionally getting someone in trouble by outting something they've done wrong while trying to keep it sly.
*You return to work from lunch with the boss right there*
Coworker to you: "I didn't know we had two hour lunches!"
You later: 😑

Dry snitching.
by mashetee88 September 27, 2015
Verb. The proper definition is to ACCIDENTALLY or UNINTENTIONALLY snitch on yourself or someone else.
"Don't bring Quincy, bro. He start dry snitching when he get drunk."
by SailorMercury March 06, 2016
A technique of snitching by indirectly informing authority figures of another person's wrong doing, while not being associated with offense or obtaining any legal gain.
You know someones a dry snitching bitch when they report you to you PO after a night of partying.
by thyme4abowl January 05, 2015
When you get caught up by the authorities and they tell you that if you give up someones name you won't get in trouble, so you make someone up to save yours and your people's asses.
Example: smash unit comes to your house and ask to look around, you let them in forgetting u didn't put ur stash away, while they're looking they find it, but give you the option to tell them who u got it from and they'll let u go, so even tho u got it from u r homie down the street you make up some person and say u got it from them. It's like u r still snitching, but now the cops r gonna be looking for some imaginary person, leaving their case dry. Dry snitching


cops: "tell us where u got the dope from and we won't take u to jail today"
You:"uh, Idk his name, they call him j.r, I met up with him down the hill in blajblahblah city"
by Dry snitching November 30, 2015
Indirectly telling an authority figure or interested person who might have been involved in the incident the authority figure or interested person is curious about. It's not "pointing the finger" but more or less telling them as if they already know or as if they are clue less.
On the phone with your "bro" while you're in jail and your "bro" says, "DUDE! I can't believe you did that! Remember that time when you shot that gun on 19th ave?" That is called DRY SNITCHING!
by CorruptedTheKarupt May 28, 2011
To explain how something works that, by nature, is not supposed to be explained but rather understood or experienced. A practice most commonly used in a number of rap lyrics. Basically tellin on yourself and others while trying to show out or look cool.
ex #1 "I can go to _______ and get you _______ for about $_______... but don't tell nobody."

ex #2- "If you got what I need then set it up. I don't wanna hear about. Don't tell me nothin except when you can get me what what I need and what you need in return because otherwise you are guilty of DRY SNITCHING!"
by Mr. Hood Regulator June 26, 2007
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