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verb; a reference to an average to fat sized chick who does not have concern for wearing a belt and thus greets the world with her crack almost to the point of flaunting it.

noun; refers to a chick who is a failure at life and attempts to sound smart by reading semi-intelligent stuff off of paper/ signs/ advertisements.
verb - Man that chick druped hardcore at the concert last night, has she ever heard of an invention called a belt?

noun - Hey how old are those trees? (the chick) about 2,000 years old, around the time of Christ. (me) did you just read that off the sign, wow what a drupes.
by chillywillyaf January 09, 2011
An over all unsuccessful, bowel movement prone, shell of a person. No humanity.
You, you be eatin' plums, you gon' be a drupe!
by VictorC October 23, 2007
Derogatory term for old rich white person.

old white honky
I don't want to go to a country club...that place is full of drupes!
by Moozgit August 09, 2011
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