The act of abruptly becoming famished after consuming alcoholic drinks.

Identical to the feeling of 'getting the munchies' after smoking marijuana.
"Dude, last night we devoured the entire kitchen, we had to have had the drunkies."
by a.dawg July 04, 2009
To get drunk. Generally the word is uttered in a cute and endearing tone.
Guess who's a l'il bit drunkies?
by Jeff Heff September 03, 2014
a word coe uses for some reason, that has no real meaning and is not an actual word.
Are you drunky a little?
by thechoosenone12 December 23, 2010
A person who is so addicted to alcohol that will even gay prostitute his butt hole for $2.50 to buy one 25 ounzer of the cheapest beer.
Do you see that drunky he sold me his booty for a beer.
by smarty1 August 16, 2014

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