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A prized but elusive state of intoxication where one's strength, courage, wit, and acumen (especially in matters of whether it is prudent to fuck a given jersey whore) are greatly enhanced, rendering one an invincible luminary in comparison to others. Being drunkvincible has been known to be a decisive advantage in bar brawls, thwarting crime, and discerning, prior to insertion, which whores have STIs.
Mugger 1: give us all your money!

Mugger 2: we have guns!

Mugger 3: big guns! <revealing shot gun>

Drunkvincible Friend 1: fuck off motherfuckers -- in fact, you better give us all your money before we fuck your moms in the asses!

Drunkvincible Friend 2: and bite off their filthy fucking clits!

Muggers 1-3: jesus, let's get the hell out of here! those guys are fucking crazy! they must be drunkvincible! <running away>
by nb c lo July 25, 2009
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