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A strategy guide for a video game, which walks you through the game and story as you drink along. Similar to a walk-through, except someone does it while being intoxicated with alcohol. Basically when someone is playing a video game from start to finish and sometimes recording it with the end of sharing it online with other people. At the beginning of the game the person begins drinking, and by the end of the game (if the person manages to not blackout) they should be stone cold drunk.
GF: Please stop drinking baby!
FiGhTiNCoWBoY: I can't! I owe it to the fans!
GF: These drunkthroughs are killing us! Choose me or your drunkthroughs.
FiGhTiNCoWBoY: I choose beer, video games, and my YouTube Channel. Good day.
GF: But..
by erdamalaZ August 17, 2014
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