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1.) Noun. Pictures of you in any generally stupid, compromising or hard-to-explain situation posted on the Internet, especially somebody else's social networking site. Such behavior usually happens under the influence of mind-altering substances, hence the term "drunk," and is almost impossible to suppress if it's funny enough.

2.) Noun, as above except: Pictures of other people acting like idiots posted on your social networking profile.

*This term is often used in conjunction with phrases such as "go die," "you asshat," etc.

3.) Verb. Describes fallout/consequences of such pictures being posted on the Internet, especially high-traffic social networking sites.
"OMG! Why did you put that drunkfail up?! You asshat!"

"Dude, I took it down already! Go die, it's not my fault you drunkfailed out of a job."
by satyrwilder January 20, 2009
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