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A drunk person who sometimes does crazy, or (i.e. stupid things) but is still invited back every weekend to hang out.
Damn, this guy is a drunkasaurusrex, I think well have him back around next weekend anyways, good entertainment.
by Chris Bridges April 22, 2005
someone who is under the influence of alcohol sketching out and being a mad shit show.
1. "eh yo, Guss; did you see Morene at that shake yesterday?"

"Yea dude; what a drunkasaurus rex"

2. "Hey, youre spiliing yer drink all over the place; calm down drunkasaurus rex!"
by juelle October 11, 2006
The drunk person in your neighborhood known for doing yardward with a beer in one hand and lawnmower in the other; Also known for walking his dog while drinking beer;
Look! Drunkasaurus Rex is using the hedge trimmers! Better call 911 now!
by Trev's Mom June 05, 2016
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