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Used when one thinks someone is fuckable while under the influence of alcohol. Only used when you know that the person in question is definatly not fuckable when sober.
Yeah, if i drink about 2 six packs, shes definatly drunkable.

by SILOEX January 18, 2006
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When you wouldn't hook up with the person sober. Being drunk is the only exception, and makes it okay.
Sarah: "He's cute"
Kellie: "Ehhh he's drunkable....."
by SarahAshleyBitch July 10, 2011
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When a girl isn't really that hot, but when your drunk, she is. Therefore, she is drunkable (much like Do-able, just with more alcohol, and lowered standards)

Chris: "Dude, that girl you hooked up with last night wasn't that hot!"

Joshua:"I know, but she def was drunkable at the time, thank god she wasn't here when I woke up!"
by Joshua Danger December 11, 2008
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