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Currently a 6 member group. Their the most sickest, badass, fucking craziest band ever. They sing about true shit, and what are really on people's minds. The music is a mix of rock and rap/hip hop.

Members are
Charlie Scene
Funny Man
Da Kurlzz
and Johnny 3-Tears

Deuce (Tha Producer) is no longer in the band as of 2010.

"Now i'mma cut your ass up like a line of coke. I'mma roll your crew up like a fatass roach and put you in my ash tray cause you just got smoked!"-Lights out, Hollywood undead
by SarahAshleyBitch July 10, 2011
When you wouldn't hook up with the person sober. Being drunk is the only exception, and makes it okay.
Sarah: "He's cute"
Kellie: "Ehhh he's drunkable....."
by SarahAshleyBitch July 10, 2011

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