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The pants you got really drunk in. Often times, you will wake up wearing them. Other times, you may find them on the floor or someplace random. Inside the pockets you may or may not find your keys, your wallet, your cell phone, wadded up dollar bills, and pieces of paper with other people's phone numbers.
Man, I found so many pairs of drunk pants in the hamper. It's like I made $15 doing laundry.
by The Truth April 03, 2005
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The morning after pants you find in a ball with or without puke on them from a night of heavy partying. Money, phone numbers and concert ticket stubs are often found in them.
(at hangover breakfast) - Me: You'll never guess what I found in my drunk pants. Friend: What? Me: That cute guys phone number on the back of my ticket stub. Friend: nice, drunk pants.
by Inverted Moon April 28, 2011

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