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The term used for the same two people that always hook up, engage in sexual intercourse, oral intercourse or an intense staring contest while under alcoholic influence (similar effects found under the influence of marijuana, Cocaine, or due to the repeat playing of Mrs. Jackson, by OutKast)
*noises similar to Dr. Dre's "The Doctors Office"

Jamal: Dayummmm brotha, Cory and Taniqua are bangin' it out again!! How many shots they be havin'?

Bobb'e: Brotha, they be all steezed out on some HOOCH!!!

Jamal: YEEEE!! AHAHA LAWL! (uncontrollable Ghetto lingo follows)

Steve Irwin: Here we see the rare drunk couple, in their natural habitat, the predominantly low-income festive gathering.
by thatonekidwhoreallyisntfunny December 26, 2010