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the act of following, "hoping on", or "dickriding" one of the female gender, or one with a "pussy". used to describe insecure females, incredibly insecure males, or un-athletic gamers.
Popular Female: "Wanna go that party tonight? Its gonna be turnt af. Finna have an 8th girl!"

Highkey Nice Lowkey Insecure Semi-Popular Male Pussyrider: "Ummmm ok! Finna gonna have a 9th, I mean an 8th, its gonna be turnt fa!!!!"

Popular Female: turnt af**

White Boy: What a joke, pussyriding that slore from the hills.
by thatonekidwhoreallyisntfunny October 17, 2010
When overprotective parents, grandparents or homosexual cousins of players yell demands from the stands, becnhes, or observational area which disrupt the entire game, piss off the coach and tear the conventional moral fabric of sportsmanship.
(Unatheleitc six year old kicks the ball into their own goal)

Overcompetitve masochistic alpha male (father): JESUS F***ING CHRIST JENNY. THIS ISNT F****ING RECESS!!! YOU'RE A COMPLETE FAILURE F**K!

Coach: Jesus, this is just AYSO we're not actually playing soccer!

Stever Irwin: Here we have the primitive backseat coaching father, who never acheived anything significant in life so he takes it out on his seeds.
by thatonekidwhoreallyisntfunny February 27, 2011
An elegant combination of the terms "legit" and "the shit". Commonly used to refer to one who strikes one as "legit" and also quite "the shit".
Also used to refer to immortal badasses, such as Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris and Bambi
Often confused with the French knockoff of the American slang term, "the shit" (le shit)
Wow! That Brazilian impersonation of Bob Sagget is smoking three bongs of Pineapple Express and singing a very tasteful rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On".

That's my son. He's leshit.
by thatonekidwhoreallyisntfunny July 15, 2010
The term used for the same two people that always hook up, engage in sexual intercourse, oral intercourse or an intense staring contest while under alcoholic influence (similar effects found under the influence of marijuana, Cocaine, or due to the repeat playing of Mrs. Jackson, by OutKast)
*noises similar to Dr. Dre's "The Doctors Office"

Jamal: Dayummmm brotha, Cory and Taniqua are bangin' it out again!! How many shots they be havin'?

Bobb'e: Brotha, they be all steezed out on some HOOCH!!!

Jamal: YEEEE!! AHAHA LAWL! (uncontrollable Ghetto lingo follows)

Steve Irwin: Here we see the rare drunk couple, in their natural habitat, the predominantly low-income festive gathering.
by thatonekidwhoreallyisntfunny December 26, 2010
A texting acronym, translated as "no friends", usually referred to one who is socially awkward, one who thinks that it is "fresh" to "rock" Vans socks and Vans shoes, people who use derogatory racial slang to fit in with the "homies", or ones who use common slang from Jersey Shore, such as "gtl" or "fist pump" in regular conversation.
White Male: Yoooooooo babee, real talk, just wreecked sh** wit my homies from glee club, get at me! now im about to roll into the YMCA gym and maxxxx out!!. GTL!!!

Extremely Attractive Unattainable Italian Female: nf
by thatonekidwhoreallyisntfunny August 10, 2010

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