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An obstacle found in one's path that, while drunk, provides an incredible challenge to avoid. This includes cracks in the sidewalk, low-hanging tree branches, abnormal curbs, and members of the opposite sex who are of questionable attractiveness. Generally, these are ranked by class, or degree of difficulty: class 1 being the lowest and class 5 being the highest.
The captain totally tweaked his ancle last night on a class 5 drunk catcher.
by gingerman August 20, 2005
A drunk catcher is an area where drunk drivers commonly crash. Usually at the end of long straightaways. Commonly marked by tire skid marks and damage to the guardrails.
A drunk catcher can often refer to the guardrails themselves.
Very common in rural areas.
Common drunk catcher areas include:
Sharp curves
Dead ends
Stop signs
by Doug Hightower September 08, 2005
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