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a state of hunger preceded by the intake of alcoholic beverages
After consuming a few beers at the party, I came down with a bad case of the drunchies and had to stop at the hot dog stand before heading home.
by Laura "L-dawg" Fizzowkes January 10, 2006
when you are extremely intoxicated and all of a sudden you feel the need to gorge yourself, usually food such as chips, crackers, or anything salty
Person 1: i was so smashed last night i got a case of the drunchies and ate 3 bags of doritos
by cal trippin jr. June 03, 2009
a case of the munchies from drinking!
dude.. i just finished that bottle of tequila and i got a bad case of the drunchies
by Rach February 13, 2005
when one gets drunk and is hungry, somewhat like the munchies
after that party i got the drunchies, so i ate some banana walnut pancakes.
by lauren russo October 08, 2003
An insatiable and overpowering sense of hunger one gets after a few hours of drinking.
"Dan was so powered by the drunchies that he found a Dominos obscured in complete darkness."
by SkyFood July 07, 2009
(n.) drunk munchies; a craving of food, much like the munchies, occurring after a night of heavy drinking.
Guy 1: Yo man, I ate like 6 burgers and a snack wrap after leaving the bar last night. I was wasted!
Guy 2: Oh yeah, you had a serious case of the drunchies!
by KidGudi87 June 13, 2011
the feeling one gets when they desire food that is greasy or salty after alcohol consumption.
I really feel the drunchies coming on after drinking those wine coolers and my feet hurt.
by LabTime July 06, 2013
Drinking followed by a craving for junk food.
"holy sh*t man...you know what sounds good?...cheese pizza."
"oh man yeeh I've totally got the drunchies!"
by PrincesseA762 October 25, 2009