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A musician who plays a drum, which is an instrument usually comprised of a membrane stretched across the top of a (at least somewhat) cylindrical shell. The backbone of any 20th century modern music group. Often quite dense. Always gets the girl.
-How can you tell if the stage is level?
-The drummer's drool stays in one place.
by RyanM January 03, 2004
35 106
someone who hangs out with musicians.

All the definitions I have seen so far are written by drummers, or people who thinks the stereotype is false, but...

dude, drummers don't have real notes. Any dumbshit can tell difference between a quarter note and a whole note. A guitarist on everything known to man, that sees the iguanas in their eyeballs, can keep in time.

Drummers are necessary in bands, but so are microphones, and neither are musicians.
Drummer: Dude, you're such an junkie. You can't even read your notes, keep in time or do anything, shit head.

Guitarist: I can read my notes, but more than that, I have notes. You have the timing for your instrument, and nothing else. You don't play a tuned instrument, and no one even fucking knows your name. There's a reason that no one knows your name, and it's not because everyone's conspiring against you to keep drummers down.


Guitarist: Here, take one of these. It'll help.

*Guitarist hands drummer a pill.*

Drummer: What is it?

Guitarist: Does it matter?
by bornless May 23, 2009
11 86
a person who hangs out with musicians. this species is very easy to stereotype.
A: You know what you call someone who hangs out with musicians?
B: No, what?
A: A drummer!
by Inspiratron December 27, 2007
10 97
A drummer is a guy who hangs around with musicians.
two people after a gig

Man thats one great band, yeah but did you notice who the drummer was?

The drummer? hell no, does anybody notice who the drummer is of any band? its irrelevent!
by happyslapper December 09, 2007
11 101
The worst and most insulting insult ever. Drummer is used as a word to describe the most stupid, most retarted, most unimportant humans and/or living things that ever existed.
Person A: Oh my gosh did you just run into a parked car?
Person B: Yes I thought it would feel good.
Person A: You're a drummer!
Person B: I'm sorry (sigh), i was too stupid to play bass...
by Renji MB July 10, 2008
12 109
From the latin word "drummius" which in its simplest terms means "unemployed."
"Hey Mark, can I borrow 5 bucks?"
Mark: "No dude, you know I'm a drummer."
by grassyknoll September 17, 2003
38 154
Someone who hangs out with musicians
The other day our band had a practice. Our drummer was there but he didn't play.
by Mike the Ekim April 09, 2005
31 179