titheads that never stop playing
anybody can play drums
anybody who is a drummer is gay
by david kwasniewski March 10, 2005
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A drummer is someone who gets a lot of stereotypes. People assume that Drummers are dumb people with no musical talent. When in reality, drums are the backbone of most music. Drummers keep time and keep the beat going. Drummers also do have a lot of musical talent. It takes a lot of coordination to be a good drummer. They also have to be able to feel the music. And yes I am a drummer :-P
Dumbass: haha you're just a stupid drummer with no talent.
Drummer: Oh yeah you try playing the drums
Dumbass: Ahh crap i can't do it. Well you're still dumb.
Drummer: Which is why you're failing more classes than me right?
by MASSIVE LOAF June 30, 2004
Rarest member in a band, the most important person to a guitarist, used to hide mistakes of guitarist
A:dude we just ran over someone maybe we should turn back
B:That guy deserved the darwin award for stepping in our way, keep on driving
A:Dude we forgot the drummer!!!!
B:what the shizniz?!?!!? YOU IDIOT, TURN THE BUS AROUND NOW!!!!
by shitastic October 11, 2004
Comes from the musical instument (Drums) played by the member of a band, usually sits at the back of the stage. Without this godlike creature there would be no rythem to the music and havoc would incurr.

Plays with the precise action that only a master craftsman can obtain. Thats right, with sticks. Only people with the right personality combination can become a drummer. That person blessed will also probably have to owm some sort of 'kit' to play with. And although guitarists are cool, there're one-hundred a penny. Sadly.
Dom Howard is drummer. He's lovely.
by Han April 01, 2005
A drummer is a person who belongs in a band, and along with the bassist, tends to be unappreciated. As the prime majority of the "band curse" the drummer is ususally the first member of a band to leave or be kicked out. Usually responsible for keeping beat and band in line. Without a drummer, the band is lost.
Guitarist: I'm so cool Ive got straigt F's and I don't know how to read my music, but i'm the best known and the richest.
Singer: I'm not so cool I can read music but dont play and insturment, I am pretyer than the guitarist.
Bassist: No one knows my name but me and the drummer are best freinds and the band depends on us to keep them on the right line.
Drummer: Me and the bassist pay the bills, find the gigs, and are never given any credit for being in the band.
by Random useless voices February 19, 2006
Someone who plays drums well. They are as essential to rock music as guitarists if not more. Drummers, along with Bass players, rarely get as much attention as singers and lead guitar players.
Mike Portnoy is an amazing drummer.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
the coolest kind of peole on the face of the earth!
"im a drummer" **all bow down to ultra asomely coolness**
by kimbo June 29, 2003
Although we drummers are the best. There are some disadvantages:(1) Hauling equipment sucks. We have the set, cymbals, hardwere, pedals, mikes and a bunch of other stuff. (2) We cannot move around on stage. (3) Sticks are to drums as strings are to bass and guitar. Only these things break ALOT easier.
But other then that. We rule.
Drummers CAN read music.
by saveyourbfbangme June 30, 2006
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