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A word someone will call their friend that is doing drugs. It somewhat of a polite, friendly way of calling someone you like a drug addict.
"Dude, stop being such a drugger."
by Miss Jamie January 14, 2005
Your best friend that:

A) Calls you in the the middle of the night and speaks a mile a minute, while making outrageous statments.


B) Calls you in the middle of the night on your cell phone and talks for 10 minutes, telling you how much she loves you, despite it being your voicemail and you being well asleep.

This is the thing you call someone you love and respect when they are prone to do such obnoxious, drug-induced things.
Dude, you were being such a drugger last night. I can't believe the shit we talked about.
by Miss Mia January 14, 2005
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