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A person who follows links to news stories posted on the Drudge Report and pollutes the comments section with rabid, mean-spirited commentary that reflects the persons right-wind ideology, and often lack of understanding of the facts.

Using the term libtard is a good indicator of a drudgetard. Will also often resort to vulgarities when their limited intellect is unable to provide a suitable counter argument to another (liberal) reader's comment with which they do not agree.

Not all readers of The Drudge Report are drudgetards. But, it could be argued that all drudgetards are also conservatards.
Based on the number of reader comments posted at the bottom of this news article about President Obama that are mean, hateful, and use the term libtard, it is pretty obvious to me that the drudgetards have been here.
by MyEtherEgo February 02, 2011
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