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When your testicles hang out of the bottom of your shorts or underwear.
Our neighbor was out mowing the lawn in his shorts, dropping a deuce for everyone to see.
by Zulzulo January 17, 2009
quite simply, taking a shit.
Lavinius and Cooch were on their 2005 MLB Midcoast Trip when Cooch needed to drop a deuce at a nearby truckstop.
by thickage June 24, 2005
Instead of doing the #1 (to take a piss), doing the #2, hence the "duece".
Your mom's potato salad was fantastic! Now I feel like dropping a deuce.
by arvsft May 30, 2006
A smoother way of saying you just had the shit of a lifetime. The kind that makes you proud to be a man and floating on cloud 9 afterwards.

Stems from the childhood question about going to the bathroom. #1 being urination; #2 being defecation…
“Deuce” meaning the #2 card in poker or a snake eyes in craps.
Man 1: Dude where the hell you been? This place is swarming with hotties... I need my wingman..
Man 2: I was dropping a Deuce. Who do you want? I'll get her and her friends.
by Johnny Walker Black77 July 23, 2010
The act of taking a dump
Hey bro, I was just "dropping a deuce". So if you value life put a gas mask on.
by Bob Is Boss November 19, 2013
Not just taking a big shit. The act of dropping a duece is the act of taking a two pound shit. See also busting a fiddy and dealing an ace
I'm dropping a deuce and it's going to clog your shitter up.
by john crapper March 07, 2008
Taking a monstrous shit in all its duce-like spleandor!
Man One :" What's with the grin?"
Man Two: "I just clogged the toilet with my mighty duce!"
by bob February 08, 2005