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quite simply, taking a shit.
Lavinius and Cooch were on their 2005 MLB Midcoast Trip when Cooch needed to drop a deuce at a nearby truckstop.
by thickage June 24, 2005
Instead of doing the #1 (to take a piss), doing the #2, hence the "duece".
Your mom's potato salad was fantastic! Now I feel like dropping a deuce.
by arvsft May 30, 2006
A smoother way of saying you just had the shit of a lifetime. The kind that makes you proud to be a man and floating on cloud 9 afterwards.

Stems from the childhood question about going to the bathroom. #1 being urination; #2 being defecation…
“Deuce” meaning the #2 card in poker or a snake eyes in craps.
Man 1: Dude where the hell you been? This place is swarming with hotties... I need my wingman..
Man 2: I was dropping a Deuce. Who do you want? I'll get her and her friends.
by Johnny Walker Black77 July 23, 2010
The act of taking a dump
Hey bro, I was just "dropping a deuce". So if you value life put a gas mask on.
by Bob Is Boss November 19, 2013
Not just taking a big shit. The act of dropping a duece is the act of taking a two pound shit. See also busting a fiddy and dealing an ace
I'm dropping a deuce and it's going to clog your shitter up.
by john crapper March 07, 2008
Taking a monstrous shit in all its duce-like spleandor!
Man One :" What's with the grin?"
Man Two: "I just clogged the toilet with my mighty duce!"
by bob February 08, 2005
When your testicles hang out of the bottom of your shorts or underwear.
Our neighbor was out mowing the lawn in his shorts, dropping a deuce for everyone to see.
by Zulzulo January 17, 2009

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