the term used to describe a dumb or slow person either self inflicted or not, generally a person who has and or does smoke too much marijuana on a regular basis.
stoned gentleman on a beenbag mindlessly playing playstation one........ You walk in and say "you sir are a drophead" and leave
by kieran schulz August 24, 2009
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A Rolls-Royce Phantom coupe, released in 2007 in convertible format.
"Drophead coupe, gettin head ain't an issue"
- Ja Rule, Pushin'

"You in bankhead and spot a drophead, I'm in it"
- TI, Hell of a Life
by lingoist June 03, 2009
To beat the shit out of something.
That baseball player is going to drop head on that ball!!
(Hes going to hit it far)
by JonAngelo Perry May 03, 2008

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