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To beat the shit out of something.
That baseball player is going to drop head on that ball!!
(Hes going to hit it far)
by JonAngelo Perry May 03, 2008
A Rolls-Royce Phantom coupe, released in 2007 in convertible format.
"Drophead coupe, gettin head ain't an issue"
- Ja Rule, Pushin'

"You in bankhead and spot a drophead, I'm in it"
- TI, Hell of a Life
by lingoist June 03, 2009
the term used to describe a dumb or slow person either self inflicted or not, generally a person who has and or does smoke too much marijuana on a regular basis.
stoned gentleman on a beenbag mindlessly playing playstation one........ You walk in and say "you sir are a drophead" and leave
by kieran schulz August 24, 2009