When a guy has vaginal intercourse using shit as a lubricant.
"Dude, did you get anywhere with that chick last night?" "Yeah, I took her home so I could drop the chalupa on her."
by Joker313 January 11, 2009
Top Definition
In prison, an inmate is asked to "drop the chalupa" which means to squad down, lean forward enough for the guard to see their asshole, then cough. This is how guards check for things shoved up the ass.
Hey offender, why are you acting weird? Get out of them and drop the chalupa!
by Aruced November 04, 2011
when you tell someone who keeps pursuing you and trying to hit on you to back the fuck off or to cut the crap because you're just not interested
Sarah was at a party and this guy named Kelvin kept tryin to holla holla so she told him "Drop the Chalupa Kelvin! You're not my type!"
by jotheho4m_Mexico June 27, 2010
to take a big-ass dump, especially after consuming food from Taco Bell
Q: Ever wonder how the sour cream gets inside of the burritos?

A: The Taco Bell dog fucked them.
by ¡@_@! August 15, 2004
Giving Birth
My ol' lady dropped the chalupa
by x April 28, 2004
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