Scene/indie clothes from, repped by a few hxc bands and Bring Me The Horizons' Oli Sykes.
Guy 1: Is that chick wearing a shirt with a zombie eating a litter kittens?
Guy 2: Yeah i think so, it's drop dead clothing.
by Charity Jule October 29, 2009
Top Definition
A scene/emo clothing line created and run by lead singer of deathcore band bring me the horizon hu rawk btw.
He started it in 2005 i fink with only a few designs but now has alot more inc tshirts,hoodies,bags,jewrelley,shorts n shoes as his popularty has risen oh yeh its only sold on the internet at '
guy:1hey dude i love ur top its so rad

guy2:yeh i got it frm that drop dead clothing site
by loren lavish July 15, 2008
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