Shy, gentle creatures, about which little is known. Natives of Australia, they are purported to "drop" down on the heads of unsuspecting passers-by. An unfortunate misconception, and one that has led to their poaching and near-extinction.

Possibly related to the chupacabra, an equally misunderstood creature of the southern United States.
Spread the truth about Drop Bears!
by Lady Chevalier March 23, 2005
Also a (some believe mythical) beast which lives in the Australian bush.
Watch out for the dropbears mate! They'll fucken eatcha alive!
by A Mate November 10, 2003
A variation of the traditional T-bag named after the feared Australian predator the dropbear (large carnivorous Koala). This maneuver involves a regular T-Bag done from elevation or suspension and not from a standing position or any that involves you being level with the target. Similar to the actual drop bear this attack must happen from above!

Common attack techniques often include hanging from a tree, fence or even a complex rope and pulley system (rope setup usually not preformed by anyone less than Level 7 in shenanigans).
Dude!! theres a pube in my eye?!?!?

Oh yeh, drop-bear got ya when you passed out
by Gymsox August 09, 2011
Animals that live in the Australian bush. They drop down on the head of their prey from above. The gov't on Aussie doesn't admit that these creatures exist because that would mean a drop off in their torist business. There are no reported pictures of them
be careful when walking along in the bush mates!
by :-) March 21, 2005
From the game EVNova, Drop bears are fabricated creatures used as an excuse to rip off gullible tourists in the territory of the Auroran Faction. Drop bears are fabricated to drop from high ceilings in spaceports and knock visitors unconscious; the visitors then come to in medical units with high medical bills. The true identity of a drop bear is a thug who is on intimate terms with the medical staff and knows how to scam people out of money by knocking them unconscious. to further the scam, these thugs sell cans of 'drop-bear repellent' to anyone gullible enough to buy it; if someone buys it, then they are deemed gullible enough to later knock unconscious and pin the blame on the fabricated 'drop bear'.

offering to sell someone drop-bear repellent is a crative and highly round-about way of calling them gullible
hey, you want to buy some drop-bear repellent?

why? what's a drop-bear?

by Cunjo November 12, 2004
1. An attack wherein one drops on their enemy from a great height.

2. A fan-made feat for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition.
"A tree is an excellent place to Drop Bear from."

Often used by The Tick.
by TigrisVU August 07, 2009
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