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"Drop the Form" (as in, drop the formality), is a polite phrase used to ask someone to dress and/or act casually, rather than properly, to create a more intimate and realistic environment in order to get to the point of a conversation, skipping the formalities.

Note: In an altered definition, DTF can mean to literally drop a form of a piece of paper onto the ground.
1. "Drop the form, Debra, are we breaking up or not?"

2. "Sir, per chance, would you care to procure one of the many exclusive Chanel-"

"Whoa bro, drop the form. I'm just window shopping."

3. "Robert, should I don the Versace blazer or the Gucci silk jacket?"

"No, no, no, no. Drop the form, compadre, we're just going to the beach."

4. "Oh, crap, I dropped the form again. Pick it up for me?"
by droptheform December 25, 2013
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