Taking a big dump; pooping
Is there a toilet around? I gotta drop it like its hot
by Jake January 03, 2005
to quit doing something because it is not enjoyable
I initially was not interested in social psych because the prof dropped the content like it was hot!
by jarrod February 25, 2005
it means to take a shit.
"yo man i gotta go drop it like its hot real quick"
by bm November 03, 2004
It comes from a Lil Wayne song. He wants the girls to drop their asses to the floor while dancing. Also, when something is hot you usually drop it.

Hence "drop it like it's hot"
Drop it like it's hot.. drop drop it like it's hot.

Hey girl! Drop it like it's hot!
by s0lid September 23, 2004
A term used by Marching Band geeks, usually at championships, as a term used to describe preforming your feild show so well that when on the football feild you 'droped it like it was hot'. If your band truly 'dropped it like it's hot', you most likly won.

Note: When used by band geeks it is usually spoken with extream articulation and by adding the word 'is'. Drop-it-like-it-is-hot.
"Drop it like it's hot, Marching Band!"
"We are gonna go out there and Drop-it-like-it-is-hot band!"
by Alana J February 23, 2006
Pretty self explainitory!
Dude 1: I accidentally spilt my cup of coffee and dropped like its hot!
Dude 2: Your'e a fucking idiot!, of course it was hot... moron.
by say woot May 26, 2005
Could it mean when your balls are hot and they drop away from the body?
Hey scrotum, it's too warm in here, better drop it like it's hot.
by Luckystick October 12, 2005
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