Drooping involves two of the greatest activities known to mankind: being drunk and pooping. An ideal droop involves being belligerently drunk and taking a massive shit. Drooping most often consists of drinking a beer over the course of a nice shit. Drooping is perfected when one is able to droop with a fellow bro(s). This often leads to a discussion of which slam piece you will take to poundtown later in the night, and all while being drunk and taking a shit.
Bro #1: Wanna go shotgun a natty and take a shit?
Bro #2: Are you drooping?!?!? Fuck yeah, dude!
slightly later in the bathroom...
Bro #1: How hot was the girl I hooked up with last night?
Bro #2: Ugly as fuck... You were blackout
by Jdoggay April 27, 2012
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