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Noun, pronounced drong-kee-or-tay.

The phenomenon whereby a person's spoken Spanish improves dramatically when they are drunk. It results from less inhibition and more confidence derived from excessive alcohol intake.

Origin - an almagamation of two concepts: (1) the famous Spanish novel about deluded Don Quixote and (2) "dronkie" - an Afrikaans word meaning "drunkard".
Concerned friend: Hey buddy, you seem unsteady. How many have you had?

Dronquixote: Tranquilo, mi amigo. Solo ocho. Y tu?
(Relax, my friend. Only 8. And you?)

Concerned friend: Oh great, Dronquixote has appeared.

Dronquixote: Si, correcto! Ahora vamos a bailar!
(Yes, that's right! Now lets dance!)
by Deeleecious July 30, 2011
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