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The very coolest droid ever to exist.
"They're no match for droidekas!"
by deathdroid December 18, 2004
badass type of battle droid, sick at beirut. overall a solid dude, but never throws down for brew. whenever it gets drunk, it puts on an energy shield and dares people to let it shoot them in the face with its laser machine guns.
"Yeah, man, there were like 3 droidekas at Brian's last night, they fuckin' trashed the place!"
"They did, but they also apologized and offered to clean up afterwards, so it was straight."
by Mahobro-nobro April 02, 2006
an attractive moderator who is nerdy in a sexy way
droideka is the awesomest moderator ever. I'd definitely hit it.
by i think you know January 30, 2005
A little snot from Orange County with a big nose and no tits.
Ugh, that little bitch is such a droideka.
by KosmikKrazyKat February 25, 2005
1) Some kinda robot

2) a YJCC mod
1) Holy Shit, Qui-Gon! A Droideka!

2) DR01D3K4 W1LL 84N J00!!111!!
by a pseudonym March 28, 2005
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