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The up and coming rapper drake. Nicknamed "Drizzy Drake" and can be found on many tracks with fellow young money rapper Lil' Wayne, where he outshines wayne on every one of those tracks.
Drizzy: the game need change an im the mufuckin cashier.

I cant stop playing the new drake track "Best I Ever Had" from his sick new mixtape "So far Gone".
by yungcola March 07, 2009
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The rawest Canadian rapper out there. Striaght outta Toronto spit straight fire for a boy from such a cold place.
You heard ransom by Drizzy? Yea man he was last place but drizzy is the nigga in the lead now.
by Ransomed May 13, 2009
1. a temporary state of mind that is induced, causing mental and physical impairment, by the combined use of marijuana and alcoholic beverages.

2. overcome by a relaxed and giddy state or emotion; effect may vary from person to person.
Everybody pull out your dime sacs and six packs and let's drizzy!!
by theslickone_604 January 19, 2011
To get drunk and or high. To be under the influence of any kind of mind-altering substance.
"Yeah man, we 'boutsta get drizzy ta'night!"
by T-BagSquared March 06, 2010
1.To be high off marijuana or drunk from an alcoholic beverage.

2.The famous Canadian rapper "Drizzy Drake"
1. Jocelyn: "Diana is always high"

Avery: "Yeah they should call her Drizzy Diana"


2. Amanda: "I love drizzy drake's new song Girls love beyonce:)"
by ThatRatchetHoe July 01, 2013
gettin drunk
we be gettin drizzy tonight
by kate April 30, 2003
Someone that falls over a lot and fucks up his knees and ankles
So Kyle definitely is the new Drizzy cause he fell over some random ass pipe in a ditch.
by Drizzy D April 16, 2010

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