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Like a drive-by shooting, except you get out of the car and shit on your target instead of shooting it.
Billy: "Whoa, did John's dog shit on his front door?"
Joe: "Nah, it was a drive-by shitting. Dave finally got his revenge for that prank John pulled last week."
by Rakshasa 23 November 26, 2008
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A quick number 2 stop while in "transit"...usually at somebody else's place or public washroom. The sole purpose of the quick stop is to handle your "business" and bounce as soon as finished!

Drive by shitting, also drive by two'ing
I'm tired of Stephanie drive by shitting at my spot...damn she lives 5 minutes away from me! wtf!? Next time she stops by, I'll hide the toilet paper...
by S-touch August 28, 2010
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